Greetings, Mikeycal here.

Well, my real name is actually Mike Meyers, but I’ve been promoting myself as “Mikeycal” on the internet since December 12, 2003, when I registered You may have already guessed why I don’t go by my real name. Let’s just say, typing “Mike Meyers” into Google will get you all types of “fun” results that have nothing to do with me.

Taking on the “Mikeycal” nickname, as well as using the “blue face logo”, as shown on top left, has made it much easier for people to find me and my content online.

Some of you may actually know me from my video tutorials, my vlog, my gaming channel or my spanish channel on YouTube.

Anyway, I’m hoping to use this site to organize my content.

Thanks for stopping by,


Mikeycal Tutorial Channel Mission

Helping others overcome socioeconomic barriers so they can express themselves creatively. My goal is to teach others how to use free, cross platform software. I define “Cross platform software” as software that is actively supported and works similarly on Windows, Mac and Linux. I prefer to teach, community developed, open source software, but it isn’t a requirement. In addition, I don’t have a problem with cross platform proprietary software, especially if it is relatively affordable. But I will primarily focus on developing tutorials for software products that are freely available and unencumbered by artificial restrictions.

Mikeycal Vlog Channel Mission

Motivating others to push past anxiety and depression by presenting oneself in an open and honest manner.  My moto is: Be yourself without reservation, without shame and without apology.