Business Inquiries

All business Inquiries are welcome, but please send them through my official business email address:

General Comments & Questions

Facebook: mikeycalDOTcom (Prefer)
Reddit: mikeycal
Twitter: mikeycal

List of All My Social Media Accounts

Facebook: mikeycalDOTcom *
Flickr: mikeycalDOTcom
Github: mikeycal
Google +: +MikeycalMeyers
Pinterest: mikeycal (Rarely Use)
Instagram: mikeycalmeyers
Reddit: mikeycal
Twitter: mikeycal

YouTube Channels **

* Mikeycal is my my private facebook account, that is reserved for family and people that I personally know. I do make public posts from that page, so feel free to look around. But please only connect with me through mikeycalDOTcom. It makes it easier for me to compartmentalize my conversations on Facebook.

** Please don’t direct message me through YouTube. YouTube’s Message system is broken and sometimes I don’t get notified when people send me messages. Having said that, one of the best ways to connect is in the comments below a video. I prefer that questions that are relevant to a video be asked in the comments. This allows others, that are watching the video, to see my response.